This is a written web series, a story in many parts and from multiple perspectives. The main character is this person. You are intended to read the numbered entries in order, but some entries work well as stand-alone stories. Those that can be read on their own without the need for much outside context to be enjoyed are marked in bold.

This is purely a passion project and I do not want to gain popularity, but it is okay to share this with others. Please be respectful of others' interests and tolerances, however. I am not kidding when I say that my writing covers mature and controversial themes. I have done my best to set up age gating for inappropriate content, but still.

If you enjoy any of the content of this site and you are viewing it legally, feel free to contact me. I list my Discord and Telegram on my FurAffinity.

Why don't you post SCANNED to your FurAffinity, DeviantArt, or Reddit?

A multitude of reasons. A significant number of people follow me on those platforms, and it gives me anxiety about posting anything as a result. Here, people can't follow; I won't be putting notifications into people's accounts by posting stories. That relieves pressure. Secondly, FA only shows plain text files inline on the site currently, but I want to use formatting like italics and such. While FA does allow uploading PDFs or rich text documents, that's a real annoyance for reading, and I want the reading experience to be comfortable. Lastly, I like the secretive nature of this website, drawing attention away from myself and only sharing it with people who I feel would actually be interested. I do lament that I can't get public comments this way, but I can still get more direct feedback from friends and ask questions about specific concerns I have with my writing.